Skyblade (skyblade) wrote in not_that_potc,

Let's Get Started

Allright, so with the imminent demise of the Fametracker Forums I've decided to take my Jack Chick mocking here. In short, Jack Chick is a crazy old man who writes and publishes small, evangelical comic books. On Fametracker, I started a thread examining the hatred, one-sidedness, and at times, charming quirks the books have. It's one of the oddest phenomenons of the boards. Its view-to-post ratio is rather narrow, suggesting a small but loyal followship. A cult within a cult. Metacult. Many of the cool kids of the board checked it out at least once, and part of infiltrated the board's venracular, as it has throughout the web.

Here I'll be taking a closer (long winded! yay!) look at the strips, and holding a forum for comments on each individual one. I'll pretty much be the one who starts comments on each strip, when a new one comes out, that'll take first priority, in the meantime, (and they can be long meantimes) I'll give some time to favorites (like Angels.) I probably have as many total comments on my livejournal as my least popular lj friend has in one, so I'm really going to need some egotastic prodding here. I don't want you to beg or anything, just a little proof that I'm not going to be spending any effort in the dark. So if you think this is worth my already bargain-basement time, let me know.

I'm far from the first one to talk about Chick Tracts, so I'd understand if this didn't go anywhere. But I always had so much fun with them, and it'd be cool to have a community dedicated to sucha wacky artform.
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